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Student Life Development & Giving

Giving Priorities

Scholarships and Student Enrichment

As traditional sources of financial aid dwindle, donor support of scholarships and student enrichment are a vital source of funding to assist students and their families with tuition and fees, leadership development opportunities, travel opportunities, books, computers and other needs. Scholarship support can make a particularly large impact for low-income students, out-of-state students and other disadvantaged and underrepresented groups. Funding for scholarships and student enrichment will relieve some of the financial burden of our students, allowing them more freedom concentrate on academic excellence, retain from year to year and ensure completion towards graduation.

International Student Initiatives

The WVU Office of International Students and Scholars strives to strengthen, enrich and advocate for international education and cultural exchange by anticipating and responding to specific needs and concerns of this international community. Leaving family and lifetime friends, as well as coping with a new language, social and physical environment, and daily customs, can add to the pressure of study. Donors can support international students through funding for international student mentor programming, enhanced services for international professional and graduate students, and international student recruitment efforts.

Veteran’s Initiative

Over forty-six thousand veterans have returned from the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and are eligible for GI educational benefits. Many of those will start or return to college. In addition to possible emotional and physical needs, veterans also need special help navigating the campus system and their benefits. The WVU Veteran’s Program will establish a one stop shop where active duty military, veteran’s and their families can meet with the Veteran’s Advocate, access financial aid and other resources, and meet with their peers on campus. Donors can help the initiative by supporting scholarships for veteran’s and their families, funding for office space, personnel and a Veteran’s Lounge.

Career Services Center

WVU’s Career Services Center is a comprehensive and centralized employment assistance center for WVU students and alumni. The Center aims to assist and instruct WVU students in the development of high quality resumes and employment portfolios designed to improve their marketability in their chosen fields of employment and connect them with high quality employment opportunities. Funds to the Career Services Center will support the costs of programs, including, but not limited to the International Internship Program and the Mountaineer Career Ambassadorship Program.


A coordinated student wellness program that emphasizes prevention and best practices that will allow WVU students to compete in today’s society has been formed and is called WELL WVU: The Students’ Center of Health. The next step in the development of the “Well WVU” concept is to construct a facility with multiple naming opportunities that has integrative health and wellness resources for the university community. This building will organize myriad health-related services under one administrative organization and structure including: medical care, mental health and psychiatry, health education and wellness. Having an integrated, comprehensive, full service facility will provide students with the opportunity to learn how to achieve optimal health while attending WVU.

Student Diversity Programs

WVU’s Student Diversity Programs are student-centered programs promoting awareness of and respect for cultural diversity and creating opportunities to provoke thought and expand cross-cultural and intra-cultural knowledge. These programs will help build a community in which all students are empowered to recognize and act on their social responsibilities regarding domestic and global diversity and inclusion issues. Donors can support diversity programs through funding for campus collaborations, services and office space.

Adventure West Virgina

Adventure West Virginia develops experiential education programming for students of all levels, supporting adjustment to college life, retention, and career success by assisting student development in self knowledge, team work, and leadership skills. Adventure West Virginia includes Orientation Trips, the WVU Challenge Course, and International Study Abroad opportunities. Donors can support this data-supported retention program through funding for equipment to offset the cost of trips, for student scholarships, for the building of and improvement of facilities (including installation of green and sustainable energy technologies), and for additional programming. With the help of donors, Adventure WV seeks to increase accessibility, to grow to meet the needs of more WVU students, and to commit to quality in everything we do.

Student Organization Support

WVU is home to over 450 professional, sport, service, political, cultural, religious, honorary, Greek, and Pan-Hellenic student organizations. Whether supporting the Student Government Association, the club sports or any of the numerous fraternities and sororities, gifts to student organizations will provide WVU students with opportunities for leadership development, travel, group activities and community service.